Fern Friendly

At the Fern Brand we have sound and long standing relationships with our suppliers and have been working with many for over 40 years. They are as dedicate as we are to ensuring ethical practices are employed at all stages of the production process. We have transparent supplier production chains and know where our items are produced and how. We have visited their factories, met their employees and met their families. Our relationships have gone beyond the transactional relationship and developed into lifetime friendships. We have been lucky enough to welcome many of our suppliers to New Zealand to show them our beautiful country. All of our cartons used to send goods are collected from local businesses and reused.

Sustainability is extremely important to us and our Fern Naturals line is 100% Natural, planet friendly, palm oil free, housed in compostable packaging and made in New Zealand while supporting our local industries and small businesses. We use hero New Zealand native ingredients to showcase our uniqueness to the world.

The Fern Brand 🌿